Host Home Information

The Fellowship is matching evacuees with host homes. We were operational at noon on Tuesday and within 2 hours we had an incredible outpouring from the community. We have had almost 300 families sign up to be host homes. By 11:00 PM last night we had over 400 volunteers sign up. Fifty-seven (169 individuals) evacuees made it to The Fellowship and 32 families were placed in host homes.

We have experienced the generosity of God’s people through an overwhelming response for supplies, food, meals, water, clothes, diapers, everything. We have so much that our building is overflowing. At this point like most of the shelters we don’t need any more. If you have donations, hold onto them because we will need them in the weeks to come.

If you can be a host home or help in any way, please click on this Host Home Link and donate or sign up or just come by The Fellowship and jump in.

A big thank you to Greg Coop and the Monty Ballard YMCA. Last night they opened their doors to 72 firefighters from Phoenix doing rescue operations. They have also opened the Y showers for all of our first-responders, National Guard and citizen rescuers that we are housing at The Fellowship. Greg was up here till after midnight working side by side with us to make sure we cared for those in need and those serving. Thank you.

Today is new day and we are expecting a new wave of evacuees to The Fellowship. Katy ISD shelters are full and are rerouting all new evacuees to The Fellowship for assistance. Thank you again for your prayers and all that you are doing to serve our city.

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