Take a Shower

Over the coming months we will have many out of town teams serving our community with mud-out initiatives in homes damaged by the flood waters. The two CINCOfit locations in Katy have offered their shower facilities during staffed hours to first-responders, visiting law officers, and out of town clean-up crews.

23010 Highland Knolls Drive, Suite G
Katy,Texas 77494

CINCOfit West
28818 Cinco Ranch Blvd, Suite 200
Katy, Texas 77494


  1. Sunset Baptist out of Franklin has offered their portable showers/restroom facility. They have offered to bring here and leave if it’s needed. Could be placed close to site. If interested please contact me and it will be on the way.


    1. Will let you know if needed, Angela. Our Texas Baptist Men have also brought their units to town. Between these and several local gyms, responders and workers now have convenient access to showers. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.


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