Application for Assistance

The Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief Team is one of the most highly regarded disaster relief agencies in the world, and with good reason. They have earned this reputation. This organization is on the governor’s speed dial and can mobilize with little notice. Their teams provide assistance to homeowners who have experienced loss due to floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters.

In the case of flooding, teams help homeowners to do mud-out — a general term that refers to boxing up belongings that can be salvaged, cleaning out debris, and removing damaged sheetrock, insulation, and appliances. The Texas Baptist Men also mobilize feeding units, chainsaw crews, and shower and laundry units. They remain on the scene until the work is done. The only thing they leave behind is hope and a reminder that no one has to face tough times alone.

Kingsland Baptist Church is serving as command central for the Texas Baptist Men’s operation in Katy. If you are a homeowner in need of mud-out assistance, please complete the Property Owner’s Request for Assistance and return it to the missions office at Kingsland or email the form to Mary Whittington. It’s ok to take a pic of the form as long as it is legibly clear.

Once the TBM office receives your form, they will assign it to a TBM representative who will visit your home once the water recedes to assess the damage and guide you through the protocols that must be met before a mud-out crew is assigned. Because of the volume of applications we have received, it may be a few days before you receive a phone call to schedule the assessment. And, one the assessment is complete, there will likely be a wait as we work through the cases in our queue. So, please be patient as we are currently serving thousands.


  1. Yes ,pastor at crosspointgave me web.I am asking for help to pay for my room for a week, I have been paying out of savings, it ran out.I have my son 2 grandbaby.I LOST ION DUE TO FLOOD.i have interview with motel in katy.Aftr wed. we will be homeless God bless


  2. Good evening,

    My family and I are needing assistance with cleaning/gutting our home once we’re able to enter into our subdivision(canyon gate) again.

    We would greatly appreciate it if you would get in touch with us to let us know if you’re able to help.

    Kindest regards,



    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Please click on the Menu on the site that reads “Get Support” and click on the Application for Assistance. Please follow the instructions on the page and get your form to us at your earliest convenience. Once we receive your form we will forward it to the disaster response center on our campus. They will contact you to schedule an assessor to visit your home to look at the damage and determine next steps in regard to a work crew. The next step will be to send out a work crew. Please understand that because we are currently processing hundreds of applications this process may be a little slow, but they will connect with you.


      1. Dr John Bisagno and his precious wife of 63 years, Uldine Bisagno who is in her final days of life battling brain cancer, live just a tiny bit East of Katy in West Houston. Is their any chance they could be considered for this assistance? Dr Bisagno (Brother John) is pastor emeritus of Houston’s First Baptist Church.

        Thank you for all you are doing for the fine folks of Katy, TX.

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  3. Good evening,
    We are at 10607 Russett Dr. Houston 77042. We are in need of help removing furniture/carpet and Sheetrock. We took in 2 ft of water from the Addicks Reservoir release. Thank you and God Bless!
    Johanna Bonno Music Teacher St. Laurence Catholic School


    1. Hi Sheila,

      Kingsland Baptist Church is hosting the Texas Baptist Men’s Disaster Relief Command Center. The TBM group at Kingsland is assisting Katy area residents as well as preparing 10,000 meals per day for the Red Cross shelters. For information on the greater Houston area as well as outlying areas, please contact the Harris County Office of Emergency Management.


      1. HI My sister and her family in Katy, they cleaned up but can you help to reconstruct the house and maintenance inside house it will coast huge thousand which she can’t afford.

        Please let me know


      2. We are so sorry to hear about the damage to your sister’s home. Very good news that her home has been cleaned and is ready for the next step. At this time all of our resources and volunteers are focused on helping families who have not yet received help in cleaning out their homes. We are working in the Bear Creek area where many homeowners are still waiting to get their homes cleaned out.

        In regard to rebuilding, because thousands of homes in our community were severely damaged, we do not have the funds or the volunteer labor to rebuild homes.

        Please make sure that your sister has registered with FEMA. We are already hearing from many homeowners that they have received their FEMA checks so that they can start the process of putting their homes back together. These funds should enable your sister to get the work started.


  4. Good evening,

    My name is Jasmine Richardson and over the past few weeks it has been a struggle for me. I have been searching everywhere for assistance yet no success. I was affected by Hurricane Harvey suffering and in need of immediate relief funding. My car has extreme electrical damage due to it being flooded. I have applied with Fema, Red cross and many other organizations in which I was denied. During the torrential rains we experienced here in Houston, Texas I was without power on rotating days and basically trapped inside the apartment as the outside got up to 3/4 feet of water. I attend a mega church locally where it is very likely that everyone will not receive financial assistance. I’m reaching out because It would be much appreciated if I could get a financial blessing to help assist me with getting back on my feet and getting my car repaired or replaced. If there is anything at all that you guys could do I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


  5. I have lost lost my job due to storm Harvey and following that disaster I have become a domestic violence victim and have an eviction notice for non payment of rent. I have 3 young boys that need a place to live. I live across the street from this church. My son walks to school and he stops by the church at times, your staff has given him a bible and and journal to write in. He takes that bible everywhere he goes so as I was asking God to guide me in this time of need, I looked up and his blue bible was right there. Thank you! Many blessings!


    1. Dears, any chance to find a team to help in renovation it’s too coastly a lots of people can’t afford we need to start in order to go home moral and life became very difficult please pray for us and hope to hear positive feedback for renovation help God bless all of you


  6. Good Morning,
    My brother needs assistance to rebuild. Lost everything and home has been gutted and ready to build but not enough funds from fema to rebuild the home. I am asking for materials and volunteers to rebuild to help him.


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