Three Warnings

The following warnings are from the Harris County Emergency Services District 48 Fire/EMS.

First | Beware of Scammers
When disasters strike there are always people who will try to take advantage of the generosity of others. We have received numerous reports of people claiming to represent police or fire departments who are requesting monetary donations to assist with rescue operations. After reaching out to area law enforcement and emergency services partners, we have confirmed that there are NO Katy area agencies requesting funds for operational needs from the public at this time.

All of the Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement agencies that serve the Katy area are funded by your tax dollars and much of their disaster response expenditures are likely to be offset by both State and Federal assistance since our area has been officially declared a disaster zone.

Second | Beware of Unscrupulous Contractors
Contractors both legitimate and otherwise are now entering neighborhoods and contacting residents who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. While soliciting is legal in the unincorporated areas of Harris and Fort Bend Counties, please contact your local law enforcement if the offer does not seem legitimate.

The Texas Attorney General’s website has some great resources to protect yourself from unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of people in need.  Here are two pages specifically that are very helpful.

Disaster scams
Fraud and scams

Third | Beware of Animals
We have have been getting a number of inquiries about wild animals who have sought higher ground in peoples yards during the Barker flooding. After consulting with Texas State Game Warden, they have given us the instructions below should you find a wild animal (dead or alive) on or around your property.

• Live animal: If you find a live animal on your property, leave it alone and make it as easy as possible for them to escape on their own.  Do not attempt to herd or force the animal to leave the area.  If the problem persists for more than 24 hours, you can reach Houston Regional Office at (281) 931-6471.

• Dead Animal: If you find a dead animal on your property or in the road there are a couple of things you can do depending on where you find it. If it is in your yard please do not touch or move it unless its location poses an immediate issue to the safety of your family or pets. If you must move it to a safe place please so carefully and with gloves.

For animals not on a roadway, you may contact Harris County Public Health County operator at (713) 755-5000 to have a team sent out to remove it. If the animal is located on freeways and feeder roads, submit a request to TxDOT. For the Contact Reason, select the drop down: “Road debris/litter/dead animal” or call TXDOT directly at (713) 802-5000. Select Option 1.

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