Urgent Needs at The Fellowship

As work continues helping homeowners clean out their damaged homes, we have an urgent need for supplies. Please note that The Fellowship is only accepting the following at this time:

• Medium sized box or round fans for drying homes
• Small gas powered generators (enough to run power tools/5-10 fans)
• Push brooms
• Dollys
• Wheel barrows
• Yard rakes
• Rigid rakes
• Work gloves
• Disposable plastic gloves
• Dust masks (must be N95)
• Squeegees
• Mold Spray
• Bleach
• Small pry bars

The Fellowship
22765 Westheimer Parkway
Katy, Texas 77450

One comment

  1. I am wanting to help vunteer as well. Do you know where I can get help to pay my room for week. I played till my savings ran out. I am paid till Wed. I will be homeless have 3y 4y. grandbabies


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