Urgent KCM Needs

Katy Christian Ministries is in urgent need of primarily male volunteers to help in our store at 9:00 AM, and also around 8:00 PM, Tuesday September 12. At 9:00 AM we need help loading inventory into trucks and unloading at a storage location. At 8:00 PM, we have a large shipment of donations arriving and we need volunteers to help with the unloading. This shouldn’t take too long if we have enough hands. If you can help, please contact Kristina.Albright@ktcm.org or just show up at 5510 First Street in Katy. The 8:00 PM delivery will be made to 5504 First Street (next door to the store).

Urgent Food Pantry Needs
• Peanut Butter
• canned mixed veggies / corn
• canned green veggies
• canned beans
• canned fruit
• canned meat: tuna, chicken, spam, etc
• canned soup
• canned tomato products
• white rice (1lb bags)
• dried pinto beans (1lb bags)
• mac & cheese
• paper/plastic grocery sacks

KCM has been severely impacted by hurricane Harvey, suffering loss of equipment, office furniture, supplies, inventory in the Resale Store, and loss of revenue from the sales at the KCM Resale Store that supports the work of KCM. Despite our losses, we continue to meet the needs of the community as we are displaced and working to rebuild our facilities. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to KCM for operational support. Visit us at www.ktcm.org.

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