Restoration & Rebuilding

Harvey Housing Recovery Project

The Harvey Houston Recovery Project was founded to help homeowners rebuild through volunteer efforts and community support.

• Anyone not covered by flood insurance is eligible for reconstruction assistance.
• The reconstruction process is managed by a skilled volunteer project manager.
• The overall cost of repairs are estimated up front before reconstruction begins.
• Homeowners are provided with an allowance for materials to help further lower reconstruction costs.

By leveraging trained volunteers and trusted contractors, The HHR Project can significantly lower the cost of reconstruction. While we wish we could cover the complete cost of reconstruction for all impacted homeowners, the needs of our area are just too great for that to be possible. In addition to providing skilled labor, our organization hopes to offer a material allowance for the homeowners we assist.

Learn more about the HHR Drywall Trade Skills Training workshops offered in October.

Do for one what you wish you could do for all. No volunteer effort is too small or too great. Regardless of whether you volunteer for an hour or make a commitment over multiple events. Your time commitment is extremely valuable to us. For out of town groups, we can provide lodging for groups of up to 20. Accommodations include bunks, showers, and full kitchen on site. Visit the HHR Volunteer page to sign up to serve.

Also, please visit our Group Volunteers sign–up page. Contact Kristina Bozoarth at 314.625.8356 for more information.

Project Restoration

We are praying for all of our Fellowship Families  and the Katy community. Please let us know if you need assistance or if you are able to help those in distress.

Please deliver these items to:
The Fellowship
22765 Westheimer Parkway
Katy, Texas 77450

We are ONLY accepting the following at this time:

• 4’ x 8’ x 1/2” Sheetrock Need Donation Lots of 20 sheets, standard and mold resistant

• Soquete Sheet Rock Mud or Joint Compound 18lb-25lb 45 or 90 minute variety

• R13 or R19 Batt Insulation for 16 inch center studs

• Pre-hung interior doors 24″, 30”, 32” and 36”

• Standard refrigerators

• Standard size stoves

• Standard size dishwashers

• Range Tops – gas and electric