Give $5.00 And Challenge 5 Friends

Katy Christian Ministries continues to serve the community, and the need for their services is growing. They have temporarily closed their two Resale locations. This puts KCM in a vulnerable position as the Resale Stores are primary sources of operational revenue. KCM needs your assistance to help them continue to serve.

You can help in a very simple way. Please donate just $5.00 and then challenge 5 friends to do the same. With just 5,000 people donating $5.00, KCM can quickly raise $25,000. Also, please consider becoming a monthly donor by securely automating your monthly contribution. $5.00 may not seem like much but KCM can do a world of good with it!

Let’s help KCM to continue their work of “transforming lives through God’s grace and the generosity of the community.”

Click DONATE to make a difference.

Here is a summary of what’s happening at KCM:

• Social Services has responded to 1800 calls for assistance.
• Crisis Center is experiencing an increase in calls from Domestic Violence victims.
• Food Pantry is serving an average of 127 families per day.
• KCM Resale Stores are now selling online! Go to Facebook Marketplace and search “Katy Christian Ministries” for listings.

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