Christmas Décor “Pop-Up-Shop”

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Free Christmas Décor – Harvey Housing  Recovery “Pop-Up-Shop”

Saturday, December 16, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Kingsland Baptist Church, 20555 Kingsland Blvd, Katy, TX 77450.

Sponsored by Harvey Housing Recover Project, and the generosity of many people from throughout the Houston area who have made donations, this Christmas “Pop-Up-Shop” will provide (for FREE) new and “gently used” Christmas décor to those families who were affected by the flood.

We know many people lost everything during Harvey, including treasured Christmas memories, Harvey Housing Recovery (HHR)  believes that we all NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS! So we’re going to do all we can to help families and individuals create new ones.

If you were affected by the flood, or know someone in need of a little Christmas, please help us spread the word, by sharing this post on your own FB page, and your neighborhood FB pages, along with any organizations who you may know that are working with those in need.

If you would like to donate Christmas Decorations, wrapping paper, ribbons, lights, garland or any Christmas items you no longer need or use. You may drop them off at main entrance of Kingsland Baptist Church in Katy during normal business hours any day this week, including Friday.

To learn more about HHR, please visit www.harveyhousingrecovery.org
To learn more about our hosts for the event: www.kingsland.org

We are happy to partner with any organizations that may also have non-Christmas related items in surplus that they may need help in distributing.

For questions regarding donations, volunteering or any questions regarding this event, please call 251.656.2864

Housing for Out of Town Work Crews

Grace Fellowship stands ready to provide housing for out-of-town work crews seeking to volunteer for Harvey relief and recovery in West Houston and Katy areas. On a first-come/first-serve basis we can house up to 80 people in designated rooms (divided for the genders).

At present, bring air mattresses or cots, but we are working on building bunk beds. We have basic kitchen facilities (warming kitchen only – no stovetop), a dining area (that doubles as a meeting area), and both men’s and women’s shower facilities.

After you have coordinated your specific project, contact us to schedule housing for your group at harveyhousing@whatisgrace.org

Please note that we are offering housing only – not meal service or the work projects themselves.

Grace Fellowship UMC
2655 South Mason Road
Katy, TX 77450
281-646-1903 (church)

Urgent KCM Needs

Katy Christian Ministries is in urgent need of primarily male volunteers to help in our store at 9:00 AM, and also around 8:00 PM, Tuesday September 12. At 9:00 AM we need help loading inventory into trucks and unloading at a storage location. At 8:00 PM, we have a large shipment of donations arriving and we need volunteers to help with the unloading. This shouldn’t take too long if we have enough hands. If you can help, please contact Kristina.Albright@ktcm.org or just show up at 5510 First Street in Katy. The 8:00 PM delivery will be made to 5504 First Street (next door to the store).

Urgent Food Pantry Needs
• Peanut Butter
• canned mixed veggies / corn
• canned green veggies
• canned beans
• canned fruit
• canned meat: tuna, chicken, spam, etc
• canned soup
• canned tomato products
• white rice (1lb bags)
• dried pinto beans (1lb bags)
• mac & cheese
• paper/plastic grocery sacks

KCM has been severely impacted by hurricane Harvey, suffering loss of equipment, office furniture, supplies, inventory in the Resale Store, and loss of revenue from the sales at the KCM Resale Store that supports the work of KCM. Despite our losses, we continue to meet the needs of the community as we are displaced and working to rebuild our facilities. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to KCM for operational support. Visit us at www.ktcm.org.

Clothed By Faith Needs You

Although the sun is shining and all looks well in Katy, thousands of families continue to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Many of our local subdivisions look like war zones with debris flanking streets and volunteers working like ants to clean out homes damaged by flood waters. In locations around our community, hundreds of volunteers continue to work at donation drop-off and pick-up locations. The destruction of Harvey unwittingly became the canvas on which the beauty of Jesus continues to be displayed.

Clothed By Faith is just one of many local non-profits that has done an amazing job of helping families that had to evacuate their homes with only a few articles of clothing stuffed into trash bags. Abi Morton, the founder of CBF, and her army of volunteers have served a total of 5,883 of our neighbors over the past nine days. Providing an organized shopping experience, those in need of clothing can get the help they need in a compassionate and dignified way. Because volunteers have worked tirelessly since the storm, they will take Monday as a day of rest.

Clothed By Faith will be open to serve the community at their pop-up store location at Crosspoint Church from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Tuesday through Thursday and from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Saturday. If you are interested in volunteering, please go to the Clothed By Faith site to register.

Thank you Abi. You and your staff have done an amazing job of leading volunteers to love and serve the people of our community. Clothed By Faith is indeed a Katy treasure.

Free Childcare At Cornerstone

Cornerstone Church [1351 S Mason Rd @ Park York] would like to provide free childcare for those in our community in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We will also serve lunch to the children and volunteers.

Cornerstone is extending free childcare through Thursday, September 7, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for…

•those volunteering out in the community
•doing demolition work in their own homes
•for those who need to return to work and do not have a place for their children since they will be out of school this week.

To do all this we need Volunteers!

Please prayerfully consider serving during one or more of the time slots offered. Or bring some kid friendly food for us to feed the kids and volunteers.

Cane Island Initiative

Cane Island is working with residents in clean up efforts. We are also a collecting donations at our Welcome Center for cleaning supplies and school supplies for teachers. We also have bottled water on hand for those who need it.

Teacher supplies: books, educational games and puzzles, command strips, Amazon and Teacher Supply Store gift cards.

Drop off at the Welcome Center from Noon to 6:00 PM Sunday, September 3.

Cane Island Amenity Village
2100 Cane Island Parkway
Katy, Texas 77493

Katy Cares Has Needs

Katy Cares is the first campus in Katy to provide housing to single mother families experiencing homelessness. We recently finished renovations on the main house,The Rachel Ballard House, with the help of many volunteers in the community. Our property flooded and we will be unable to return for at least a few more days.

Volunteer Need

Will need cleanup and construction of the flooded barn, destroyed furniture, and pump house. We were slated to open our campus to residents the first week of October after our Gala on September 30th.
Financial Need
As with many non profits, our greatest need is financial. We are so grateful for any and all financial donations as it will allow us to open our campus to families in need of housing as well as place displaced families in hotels and apartments. With this Hurricane, more than ever, there are single mother families who are and will begin to experience a long term housing crisis. We look forward to opening our doors and supporting this great community. Thank you for your support.

Clothed By Faith Volunteers Needed

Clothed By Faith needs volunteers today at…

Clothed By Faith
802 Dominion Drive, Suite 100 (west of Kingsland Baptist Church)
Katy, Texas 77450

Crosspoint Church
700 Westgreen Blvd
Katy, Texas

Here’s how to sign up.Step 1
Watch these two instructional videos.
Video 1 Video 2

Step 2
Use this link to sign up.

Not able to volunteer, here are a few ideas on what you can do to help.

Power House Disaster Response

PowerHouse Church is accepting all donations at 1818 Katyland Drive. We are distributing these donations as needed throughout the city. If you are in need of supplies call 281-391-0095 and we will get them to you.

Powerhouse is currently accepting:
• water
• non-perishable food
• hygiene products
• baby items

We are assembling teams to begin the cleanup process. If an individual or a church needs help cleaning out their flooded area please call 281-391-0095 or email us at info@teampowerhouse.org.

To volunteer on cleanup crews please call 281-391-0095 or email us at info@teampowerhouse.org

If you are volunteering for a cleanup crew please bring appropriate safety gear and tools.

KCM Food Pantry Needs

The Katy Christian Ministries Food Pantry is receiving the following donated items to assist flood victims.

Quickly needed:
4-5 bilingual people at first Methodist at 12:30 ask for Lilly, or Caroline. They will be helping communicate recovery efforts and home information for those affected.
Needs for the shelter pantry:
• Non perishable foods
• Cleaning supplies- bleach, Clorox wipes, rags

• Personal care items

Immediate needs for cleaning and recovery efforts: 
• Mops and brooms and buckets
• Grocery sacks
• Furniture sliders (many)
• Shelving units

CrossPoint Reunification Center

CrossPoint Church, located at 700 Westgreen Blvd. Katy, 77450, is operating as a reunification center. Families are welcomed here for food and clothing until they can find a shelter or host family. We will allow pets.

Clothed by Faith is working out of our facility to sort and eventually distribute clothing. They currently do not need anymore volunteers.

If you have a need or would like to volunteer, please send your contact information to us at relief@crosspt.org

Christ’s Mercy Church Responds

Christ’s Mercy Church is assisting Compassion Katy and their partner Feed the Hunger.
 Feed The Hunger is shipping pallets of food to the church mid to late next week. Christ’s Mercy will serve as Compassion Katy’s distribution center for those food items.

Christ’s Mercy is also serving as a relief intake for the various food and clothing ministries, such as Clothed By Faith. Many of these groups are overwhelmed with the amount of supplies coming in and have had to temporarily stop taking donations. Christ’s Mercy is accepting specific clothing and food items, sorting and organizing them, and then assisting with the distribution of clothing and food.

We are grateful to Christ’s Mercy Church for serving our community in this capacity.

Christ’s Mercy Church
3506 Porter Road
Katy, Texas 77493
(281) 391 2273

If My Home Floods

If you need assistance with your clean-out, please print and complete the Property Owners Assistance Request and bring it to the Texas Baptist Men Command Center located in the office center across Dominion Street on the west side of Kingsland Baptist Church. The command center is located next to the Hope Impacts office.

Here are a few general instructions on how to proceed if your home was damaged by flood waters. Every situation is unique so the guidelines may or may not fit your specific situation, so they are intended to apply at a high level.


Your safety is primary so be very careful going back into your house, especially if the flood waters left a deposit of mud as it will be extremely slippery until completely dried.

Be alert for snakes and other critters that may have found your home to be a safe haven during the flood, especially if the water had significant depth or was in your home for more than a few hours.

WARNING: The floodwaters were most likely septic. Be sure to clean any items you intend to keep that were in direct contact with the flood waters. These items should be thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant solution. Also during the clean-up operation if you get even a minor scratch it should be cleaned and treated with antibiotics immediately, then covered with a bandage before you return to work.


IF YOU HAVE FLOOD INSURANCE, before you do anything contact your insurance carrier and determine what specific requirements they may have to support your claim for damage.

In general you will need to show physical evidence as to the height the water was in your home. Photos of the water mark is usually sufficient, but they may ask you to leave a portion of the sheetrock or a door in place that has a watermark on it, until an adjuster physically visits your home.

For any personal belongings, furniture, appliances, or other items that are not salvageable, i.e., items that you take to the curb, document with pictures and a very detailed list that gives a complete description of the item and the number of items damaged.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE Flood Insurance and plan to submit a request for assistance from FEMA, go to the FEMA website and register immediately so that you are in the queue. Then follow the same guidelines as above to document your losses. For the FEMA inspector, be sure that you leave something with a watermark on it in place (section of sheetrock, a door, etc.) so there is no dispute as to the height of water.


The overriding theme of clean-up is get all the water and mud and anything that got wet out of your home as quickly as possible.
The depth to which your home was flooded and the length of time the water was in your house will have a tremendous impact on what to do during the clean-up phase.

Water that was only 2-3” deep for few hours, usually only requires that carpets, pads, wood flooring, and baseboards be removed.

As the water gets deeper and stays longer, you will need to remove sheetrock and wall insulation to a level where it is dry (less than 20% moisture content) above the watermark or where there is no mold.

If the water is in the house for 7-10 days or longer, it is highly likely that mold will grow well above the water mark, so it could be necessary to remove the sheetrock all the way to ceiling, even if the water was only 24” or less.

Deeper water levels could also necessitate the removal of kitchen and bath room cabinets. Solid wood cabinets are sometimes salvageable but cabinets made of particle or pressboard are generally not salvageable if they got wet at all.

If at all possible removal of sheetrock should be at a controlled cut. Measure the height you plan to remove it to, snap a chalk line, and scribe along that line with a sharp knife or power tool that produces little dust and then break out below the scribed line. A couple of things to keep in mind, contractors will charge you more to replace 24” of sheetrock than they will for 48” because the cost of labor to cut a 24” piece outweighs the cost of the material. If you are doing the repairs yourself, then cut as needed, but recommend 12”, 24”, or 48” to minimize the waste.

Most times if the water was about 12-18” for any length of time, doors, door trim, door frames will also need to be removed. Hardware can be salvaged.

Any appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers where the water was deep enough for the motor to get wet are damaged beyond repair and should be moved to the curb. If the power has been off and/or the refrigerator is not working for more than 24 hours, DO NOT open the door unless you have a very strong stomach. If you move the refrigerator to the curb, make sure to tape the door shut for safety reasons.

If the water got above the electrical outlets, then turn off the breakers that service those outlets until an electrician can check everything. If the water level was above the light switches, then shut off the main breaker until the electrician can check your system.

Once all the wet material has been removed and the studs exposed, they need to be sprayed with a mold mediation product. Shockwave (only available online) is recommended as the mold in Texas is becoming resistant to bleach, but bleach at 50-50 dilution is better than nothing. If you use bleach, make sure to wear gloves and eye protection.

After the electrical system has been confirmed to be ok, run ceiling fans, box fans, etc., to help facilitate the drying process. If the A/C is functioning run it at 72-73 degrees continuously. It is extremely important to keep the house cool to the maximum extent possible to reduce mold formation. Do not leave the windows open for prolonged periods of time as the humidity will slow down the drying process. The use of dehumidifiers will help, but the cost does not justify the end results as everything will usually will be dry before the contractor can arrive to start the repairs.


Keep receipts and document your expenses, especially if you have flood insurance. Follow FEMA guidelines on their website in this regard.

If you have several items that are salvageable but need to move out of the house, the garage usually is a good storage place, but if it is not large enough and you need to rent something like a POD unit, these are going to be in great demand so get your name on the rental list early.

Be patient but persistent. The repair process will not go nearly as fast as you want. There will be be long periods of waiting for adjusters, there will be material shortages, and shortages of reputable contractors.

There will be unscrupulous contractors in the area preying on the victims, so be extremely careful and vet them very well before you give them any money.

If you need assistance with your clean-out, please print and complete the Property Owners Assistance Request and bring it to the Texas Baptist Men Command Center located in the office center across Dominion Street on the west side of Kingsland Baptist Church. The command center is located next to the Hope Impacts office.

Katy Christian Ministries Needs

Volunteers are needed at Katy Christian Ministries on August 30 and August 31 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. KCM is located at 5504 First Street, Katy 77493. Please wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.

Duty: Help clean and move furniture around.

We also need fans to dry the wet areas throughout the building. Desperate need now!

Volunteers are also needed at First United Methodist Church located at 5601 E. 5th to accept non-perishable food items, cleaning supplies, and toiletry items (see list below).

KCM Food Distribution will start Thursday at First United Methodist Church. A case manager and counselor will be on site from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Volunteers are needed.

Financial contribution for families as well as unrestricted donations to help with our operating costs are needed. Because of flooding in our resale store, our income is down.


Food Items
• Cooking Oil
• Condiments
• Sugar
• Flour
• Canned Fruit
• Mac & Cheese
• Jelly
• Dry Beans (1 pound bags)
• Cereal
• Oatmeal
• Spaghetti-O’s
• Canned Tomato Products
• Mixed Vegetables
• Pancake Mix and Syrup
• Snacks for Kids

• Water
• Tea
• Lemonade

Personal Care Items
• Shampoo and Conditioner
• Toothpaste and Toothbrush
• Bar Soap
• Hand Soap
• Deodorant
• Razors and Shave Cream
• Feminine Products
• Wash Cloths
• Laundry Detergent (powder)
• Diapers (all sizes)

Miscellaneous Items
• Kitchen Sized Garbage Bags
• Dawn Dish Soap
• Bucket
• Broom
• Mop
• Paper Towels
• Toilet Paper
• Cleaning Products
• Hand Sanitizer
• Lysol Spray
• Disinfecting Wipes
• Cleaning Gloves
• Dust Face Masks
• Plastic Plates and Bowels
• Plastic Utensils
• Can Opener

Disaster Response

Special thanks to all of our area pastors, churches, and rescue and relief agencies for your willingness to hold the ropes for those who are in need in our community. The outpouring of love and support for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey has been beyond amazing.

Flooded Home

More than 5,200 homes in Katy sustained flood damage in a matter of days. Families have been displaced to area shelters or found shelter with family, friends, and even strangers. The task of helping homeowners in our area with post-disaster needs will have us busy for months to come.

The Texas Baptist Men’s Disaster Response teams will coordinate much of the post-disaster assistance after the flood waters recede. Kingsland Baptist Church is serving as the command center for Texas Baptist Men relief efforts in Katy. TBM is inviting men and women who are interested in assisting their neighbors to serve under the guidance of our highly trained disaster response leaders.

If you or your group would like to serve, please contact Omar Garcia or Mary Whittington in Kingsland’s Missions Ministry Office. They will reply with instructions on next steps. In light of the large numbers of people in need, we are prepared to receive hundreds of volunteers.

As with most disasters, the hard work begins after the storms. Because we have so many homes impacted by the flooding, we have lots of work ahead of us and a great opportunity to show our community the beauty of Jesus as we wok cooperatively to address needs. This work will go on for weeks. We will still need volunteers long after the storm is no longer in the headlines.