Serving Our Seniors

GRACE FELLOWSHIP has reached out to many assisted living and memory care facilities throughout Katy and asked how we can share God’s love and joy with their staff and residents during this crazy, crazy time. You and your family can easily bring smiles of joy and much needed spiritual uplifting to seniors who are lonely, isolated, or in some cases, even forgotten!

Let’s also celebrate and encourage their caretakers too. Often, they work for minimum wage and work selflessly to love on and serve our grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers! This is a great opportunity for us to show our appreciation for all they do!

• Creative Letters of Encouragement or or print and personalize Christian art.
Here are some examples:
You Are Created to Create
Download Scripture Artwork to Share

• Make Homemade Masks
Here is an example. Any design is fine.
How to Make a Simple No-Sew Face Mask

• Provide a Sweet Treat to staff and residents by donating Girl Scout cookies:
Buy Girl Scout Cookies Here

• Donate a package of hand sanitizer or a container of Lysol wipes.

Grace Fellowship will collect these items and distribute them starting Monday, April 13th through Friday, May 15th. Please allow us to share your family’s fruits and talents with seniors and caretakers throughout the community.

Please put your donation(s) in separate plastic bags for easier distribution to the many facilities throughout Katy. Please contact to arrange pickup.

Let’s all share our love for Jesus while Serving our Seniors!

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