Hurricane Laura Supply Drive


• Roof tarps – reinforced, UV resistant, water resistant, minimum 20’x15 ’(Not all tarps are waterproof)

• Lumber: 1X2x8’s OR 2x2x8’s or longer

• Nails: Button Cap /roofing nails

• Nails: 2.5” nails

• Screws: 3” deck screws


• Generators

• Extension chords

• Empty gas cans

• Water or beverages that do not require refrigeration

• Personal hygiene supplies
• shampoo
• soap
• toothbrushes
• toothpaste
• deodorant
• combs
• brushes
• Depends – either individually or in prepared kits.

• Baby Food/formula

• Diapers

• Wipes

• Household cleaning supplies / Wipes


• Small first aid kits

• Sanitizer

• Face Masks

• Face Shields

• Safety Glasses

• Latex Gloves



• NO Perishable foods

• NO Foods requiring refrigeration

• NO Prepared foods

One comment

  1. Hello,

    We are here to help! As relief efforts began for Hurricane Laura we understand the importance of having a large inventory of supplies on hand that can be shipped quickly. Here at Backpacks USA we have a large selection of kits and supplies ideal for hurricane relief and natural disasters. We are located in Dallas, TX, 1 day shipping to the disaster area. I urge you to take a look at our site and see the many items we offer to assist in the relief efforts. Let me know if we can help you out!



    Tyler Tatum
    David’s Wholesale
    2919 Hansboro Ave
    Dallas, TX 75233
    P: 305-400-9040


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