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As a member of the health safety net team in the greater Houston area, patients of Christ Clinic experience some of the most complicated health diagnosis. Lack of regular, affordable care means that many of our patients face diabetes and cardiovascular disease — conditions that make them the most vulnerable to the seriousness of the Coronavirus. These individuals are among the most likely to experience life-threatening complications should they become ill.

Those we serve traditionally work in hourly positions within the retail and hospitality industries, groups facing temporary unemployment to curtail the spread of the virus. This leaves those who already live paycheck to paycheck with the added burden of meeting their most basic needs with even fewer resources. Should these individuals fall ill, medical expenses could leave them financially bankrupt.

As a community health clinic, we benefit from professional volunteers who provide care to the thousands we serve each year. The clinic possesses limited resources for safety equipment and single use items that are essential to protecting these volunteers and our patients.

Christ Clinic is reaching out in hopes that you will partner with us to ensure that those most in need can continue to receive the vital healthcare services they have come to depend upon us for. Keep in mind, 65% of our patient population at Christ Clinic are considered high risk of complications or death if they contract Covid-19 and already struggle with limited access to care.

Please consider a gift to Christ Clinic to help us provide the additional resources needed by our medical staff and volunteers to help patients navigate the Coronavirus pandemic as safely as possible. Your gift will truly help protect lives.

Donations can be made online or by check via mail. Please mail checks to:

Christ Clinic
802 Dominion Dr., Suite 800
Katy, TX 77450

Lara Hamilton, RN
Executive Director
Christ Clinic