Helping Katy’s Homeless thru Covid-19 Crisis

Tina Hatcher, Director of Hope Impacts, and her team are caring for Katy’s homeless through the current Covid-19 crisis. Hope Impacts mission is to inspire hope and promote healing for the homeless of Katy through intentional acts of love, cultivation of community, and networking of area resources.

Here are their current needs and how you can help. Please deliver items to them at 802 Dominion Drive Suite 900, Katy, TX 77450 (across the street and to the west of Kingsland Baptist Church).

• Large Print bibles
• Toilet paper
• paper towels
• face masks
• gloves
• paper goods
• laundry pods for washateria


• chicken salad
• tuna salad
• small peanut butter
• tuna in packages
• Spam
• fruits
• canned soups
• Spaghetti-O’s
• Ravioli
• Ensure
• Powerade or Gatorade
• flavor packets for water
• juice
• coffee
• creamer (not powdered)
• milk
• lunch meat
• cheese
• bread
• oatmeal
• packs of mayo or mustard
• chips
• body wipes
• razors
• batteries (all sizes)
• small flashlights
• tents | 3 or 4 man
• gas cards
• food cards
• gift cards
• bus cards ($25.00 limit)
• we also have laundry cards that the owner will meet whatever amount is put on the card (so if we put 100 on the card, he will match 100)


If you want to volunteer or to arrange a meal please contact our Katy Branch Manager Michelle@hopeimpacts.org.

• We need volunteers to cook and bring meals as our restaurant partners are closing to drive in only services during the week or order delivery for us.

• Monday and Friday we need food from 9:00 AM to Noon
• Wednesdays we need food from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
• Food needs to be ready to serve

• We also need food packs to hand out to those on the streets.

• New men’s cotton boxer briefs S, M, L (mostly M and L)
• New women’s underwear size 5 to 7
• Women’s socks
• Men’s gently used shorts and long pants size 29-34 inch waist.
• Men’s T-shirts (preferably with pockets M, L, XL)
• Men’s gently used tennis shoes size 9 to 13

• We need your prayers and people to hire our situationally or chronically homeless friends so they can work towards independence and self sufficiency.

• We need mentors.

• We need people willing to rent rooms to folks that have an income but no place to go. (we will arrange meeting and screening for jobs, or rooms to rent at our offices). We have a referral form and a review form once someone has worked a job so we can get recommendations on how the job was completed and if the customer was satisfied. Many of those we help have great skills just find themselves in a tough situation that is hard to get out of.